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Re: Please test RE24

Dave Horsfall wrote:
On Fri, 2 May 2008, Howard Chu wrote:

That looks ok for the most part. You realize of course that slurpd
doesn't exist in 2.4, so "--disable-slurpd" is a no-op...

Yes; I'm using a 2.3 config (not yet using 2.4 as a server).

Since the hang is while trying to search consumer2, it would be helpful
to attach to that slapd with a debugger and get a trace of all the
threads on it. (PID 98452 in the above case.)

[ Test 50]

Wasn't a hang, as the logs were slowly growing (which I hadn't noticed).
It worked OK as "root", so I'm guessing it's a resource limitation
(something I'd forgotten, as I normally run "make test" as "root" for that
very reason).

In other words, OK on FreeBSD 7.0...


Yes, I've been running into this sort of thing too. test036 occasionally runs my laptop out of disk space from all the debug logs, at which point the test stops making progress.

Thanks for the followup.

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