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Re: Please test RE24

On Fri, 2 May 2008, Howard Chu wrote:

> That looks ok for the most part. You realize of course that slurpd 
> doesn't exist in 2.4, so "--disable-slurpd" is a no-op...

Yes; I'm using a 2.3 config (not yet using 2.4 as a server).

> Since the hang is while trying to search consumer2, it would be helpful 
> to attach to that slapd with a debugger and get a trace of all the 
> threads on it. (PID 98452 in the above case.)

[ Test 50]

Wasn't a hang, as the logs were slowly growing (which I hadn't noticed).  
It worked OK as "root", so I'm guessing it's a resource limitation 
(something I'd forgotten, as I normally run "make test" as "root" for that 
very reason).

In other words, OK on FreeBSD 7.0...

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