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Re: glue ehancement?

Howard Chu wrote:
Michael Ströder wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
Seems like it would be a good idea to define a new option "glue-peer" or
somesuch that allows multiple peer-level DBs to be glued together.

What exactly do you mean with peer-level DBs? I didn't get what the idea is for...

Mainly for grafting OpenLDAP on top of an existing, poorly designed someone-else's DIT.

Well, the reason why I'm nit-picking: Someone who isn't able to consolidate a poorly designed DIT could blame the functionality in OpenLDAP instead of rethinking his/her own approach if things doesn't work. The configuration of such a beast will get complex.

Yeah, good questions. Perhaps it is better addressed by enhancing slapo-translucent instead to allow local entries to exist independently of remote ones. At least in that case,
there is a clearly defined precedence. (All local data
overrides any remote data.)

And this clear precedence makes it usable. :-)

Ciao, Michael.