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Re: glue ehancement?

Howard Chu wrote:
Seems like it would be a good idea to define a new option "glue-peer" or somesuch that allows multiple peer-level DBs to be glued together.

What exactly do you mean with peer-level DBs? I didn't get what the idea is for...

In case of duplicate entries, we'd have to track them and either drop some of them or merge them.

Hmm...how about bind requests?

I'm a very simple thinking guy. Therefore I'm not in favour of endorsing a setup which lets the slapd admins believe they don't have to think about schema and names spaces and consolidation of their data.

How should duplicates be detected (by DN, by filter?) and based on which criteria should they be dropped or merged. Even merging is messy: Merge all attribute values of same attributes of all merged entries? Or give some entries priority over others or I'm already totally confused now... ;-)

Ciao, Michael.