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Re: BerkeleyDB versions

<quote who="Howard Chu">
> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> Howard Chu wrote:
>>> Our early tests with DB 4.6.1 thru 4.6.3 showed impressive performance
>>> gains, making it seem worthwhile. But we have no way of knowing how the
>>> current 4.6.18 will perform at the moment.
>> Were those speedups confined to, say, write, or general?
> In general. You might recall that Jong-Hyuk Choi had done some work
> identifying
> bottlenecks in BDB's memory management; Sleepycat never used the code that
> Jong
> sent them but they still rewrote their memory manager between DB 4.5.20
> and
> 4.6.1 as a result of Jong's work. Since the memory manager affects all
> operations in the DB library, the speedups can be seen everywhere.
> --

If support for 4.2 is dropped in the next 2.4 beta, what is the earliest
version we think we will support?