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Re: BerkeleyDB versions

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:

Our early tests with DB 4.6.1 thru 4.6.3 showed impressive performance
gains, making it seem worthwhile. But we have no way of knowing how the
current 4.6.18 will perform at the moment.

Were those speedups confined to, say, write, or general?

In general. You might recall that Jong-Hyuk Choi had done some work identifying bottlenecks in BDB's memory management; Sleepycat never used the code that Jong sent them but they still rewrote their memory manager between DB 4.5.20 and 4.6.1 as a result of Jong's work. Since the memory manager affects all operations in the DB library, the speedups can be seen everywhere.
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