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Access control in slapd (was Re: no more direct support ACIs?)

On Ven 9 décembre 2005 16:43, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

> Let me stress that, as I wrote in the initial message, ACIs will remain
> part of slapd; only, they have already been factored out of access
> control code, and they likely will move into a run-time loaded module,
> but the original functionality will be fully preserved.

As we are working on an other access control for slapd, I have some
questions about that:
- when you say "a run-time loaded module" do you mean a module as in
contrib/slapd-modules or an overlay?
- in the first case do you think it is possible to make an overlay which
does access control or is there any technical reason that prevent doing
that ?

Thanks in advance for your response,
Raphael Ouazana.