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no more direct support ACIs?

I'd remove direct ACI support from the next 2.3 release, moving
SLAP_DYNACL from #ifdef LDAP_DEVEL to configure, with a --enable-dynacl
switch.  The --enabe-aci would remain, and it would imply --enable-
dynacl.  The old syntax would be supported, but undocumented, and only
the new one, by way of dynacl, would be advertised.

This way, nothing would change for current regular users of ACIs (except
perhaps for a warning when configuring with the old syntax), but at
least new users would have to go thru the new interface.  Next step will
be to remove them from static build, an move to contrib as a dynamic

Comments (like, keep it for 2.4 :) ?


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