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Re: direct local change when a consumer chains a write to the producer?

Howard Chu wrote:
> updates asynchronous. For clients that re-read, the update must be fully
> synchronous, and this poses a problem (ITS#3671, losing connectivity to
> a consumer will hang the provider).

Another directory product is queueing the requests when connectivity to
the replica is broken. So how about automagically fall-back to
asynchronous mode in these rather rare cases? This would hit these kind
of applications but only these.

Also the fall-back behaviour should be configured off course. The
directory admin has to carefully think about replication configuration
depending on the network connectivity anyway.

> For these fairly special cases I can see configuring syncprov to be
> synchronous based on the authcID, that would allow your PKI system and a
> chaining consumer to work correctly.

Configuration based on authcID would be ideal if it's not too much
implementation hassle.

Ciao, Michael.