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dynlist functionality

Not on top of my list of priorities, but currently dynlist works on
returning results: when an entry is a subclass of <dynamic-group-oc>, all
instances of <dynamic-member-ad> are expanded.  This usage is consistent
to listing the contents of dynamic entries regardless of the means they
are selected.  In some cases, users asked for the capability to filter on
dynamic list attributes (e.g.
among the latest).

This is not possible, because the only solution that comes to mind is, in
case of filtering on <dynamic-member-ad>, to ignore indices on that
ttribute, if any; select all entries that are a subclass of
<dynamic-group-oc>, expand them and then apply the filter.

However, there might be cases in which this operation is possible and even
desirable; it occurs on search base discovery.  In this case, we could
modify the dynlist overlay to trigger entry expansion also when the search
has "base" scope and the searchBase is a subclass of <dynamic-group-oc>. 
In this case, operations like "-b <DN> -s base '(member=uid=blah,...)' may
become feasible.  This operation doesn't differ too much from a compare 
(in which case dynlist already works as expected), except from being more
costly, because compare stops expansion as soon as a positive match is
encountered, but it may be desirable in those cases where apart from
comparing on a dynamic member the operation requires some attributes to be

Again, not on top of my list of priorities...


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