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Re: slapadd -q (quick mode)

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
 Howard Chu writes:
>> Though actually I would like an option for more LDIF error
>> checking too: Adding whatever check ldapadd does which is
>> convenient to add to slapadd, including a "verify" function in
>> overlays like "unique", to be called for each entry after the
>> database is built and indexed.
> Then I think you should just use ldapadd in the first place.

 Well... To get the same speed that would mean to run a separate slapd
 without logs and without consistency checks.  Can DB_CONFIG be used
 to configure slapd database operations to be more or less as fast as
 slapadd -q?

Pretty close. If you stick with BDB 4.2 you can disable txn logs and synchronous writes, but slapd always runs with txn's enabled.

 Does slapadd still offer a speedup by adding entries first and
 indexing the database later?  ldapadd can't do that.

slapadd doesn't do that, it adds indexes for an entry right when the entry is added, same as ldapadd. (Unless you're using the back-bdb linearindex option, but that in fact is slower when your BDB cache is large enough.)

Will ldapadd fail as reliably as slapadd if a database error happens?

The same code paths are followed for the most part, so I don't see why not.

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