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Re: slapadd -q (quick mode)

Howard Chu writes:
>>  Though actually I would like an option for more LDIF error checking
>>  too: Adding whatever check ldapadd does which is convenient to add to
>>  slapadd, including a "verify" function in overlays like "unique", to
>>  be called for each entry after the database is built and indexed.
> Then I think you should just use ldapadd in the first place.

Well... To get the same speed that would mean to run a separate slapd
without logs and without consistency checks.  Can DB_CONFIG be used to
configure slapd database operations to be more or less as fast as
slapadd -q?  Does slapadd still offer a speedup by adding entries first
and indexing the database later?  ldapadd can't do that.  Will ldapadd
fail as reliably as slapadd if a database error happens?