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slapadd -q (quick mode)

The description of '-q' in slapadd(5) says:

   enable quick (fewer integrity checks) mode.  Does fewer consistency
   checks on the input data, and no consistency checks when writing the
   database.  Improves the load time but if any errors or interruptions
   occur the resulting database will be unusable.

First, "no consistency checks when writing the database" sounds a bit
discouraging.  Does it mean that slapadd may create a bogus database and
not discover it?  Can -q cause a slapadd to fail which would otherwise
succeed?  Please either document when one can trust a slapadd which
returns success.  Or otherwise tweak the description a little...

Second, I'd like this option to be split: Assuming -q is safe to use
when creating a database from scratch which will be deleted if slapadd
fails, I'd like to turn off database checking but turn on LDIF checking.
I suppose that would mean adding either an option which checks the LDIF
despite -q, or an option which only turns off database checking and not
LDIF checking.