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dyngroup return codes

So I've started playing with dyngroup in 2.3.2beta, and I have it working
in the sense that things that I expect to hit my filter return TRUE from

However, things that don't hit return err=16 (No such attribute). For
congruency, I would have expected FALSE. If it matters, err=16 is returned
regardless of if the attribute I'm filtering on is present in the DN I'm
comparing. (I could almost understand err=16 if the attribute wasn't
present. The situation I'm envisioning as FALSE is attribute present but
not equal to the filter.)

In summary, with dyngroup filter: (a=a)
(a: a) returns TRUE
(a: b) returns No such attribute (but I imagined FALSE?)
({a not present in entry}) returns No such attribute

Is there some technical reason behind this, or is it a bug, or am I not
understanding the semantics of Compare right?