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Performance of Fast Synchronous Search

Here is the performance evaluation result of the fast synchronous search along with those of the asynchronous search and the original synchronous search.


As you can see in the graph, the performance of the original synchronous search becomes unacceptable even with moderate result sizes. With the fast synchronous search patch, the performance of the synchronous search becomes very close to the asynchronous search. The DN sort overhead (ldapsearch -S "") should be considered when interpreting the small performance difference from the asynchronous search.

Now that ITS#3612 seems to be resolved (Luke ?), wondering when would be a good time to restore this patch in the release engineering.

This patch is intended to enhance the response time characterics of various applications as many applications resort to the ease of use of the synchronous search. In addition to the above performance numbers of the synchronous searches in isolation, it would be very helpful in understanding its performance implications if you can provide your mileages with this patch in your configurations such as Samba, Heimdal, nss_ldap, and XAD.

Best regards,

- Jong-Hyuk