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Re: dyngroup return codes

Aaron Richton wrote:

So I've started playing with dyngroup in 2.3.2beta, and I have it working
in the sense that things that I expect to hit my filter return TRUE from

However, things that don't hit return err=16 (No such attribute). For
congruency, I would have expected FALSE. If it matters, err=16 is returned
regardless of if the attribute I'm filtering on is present in the DN I'm
comparing. (I could almost understand err=16 if the attribute wasn't
present. The situation I'm envisioning as FALSE is attribute present but
not equal to the filter.)

In summary, with dyngroup filter: (a=a)
(a: a) returns TRUE
(a: b) returns No such attribute (but I imagined FALSE?)
({a not present in entry}) returns No such attribute

Is there some technical reason behind this, or is it a bug, or am I not
understanding the semantics of Compare right?

If you'll notice, the code for dyngroup will only execute if the current result code is in fact NoSuchAttribute. If your attribute of interest was already present in the entry, then the normal Compare operation would have yielded TRUE or FALSE and nothing would have been done in the overlay.

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