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Re: Schema update using back-config

> I'm not sure I understand the question. For the specific case of items
> moving from core.schema into the code, we would ship a new schema file
> and discard the old one, just as we do now. Since the server needs to be
> restarted for the new schema_prep code to take effect anyway, the old
> schema file can simply be replaced.

It is my understanding that as soon as you store back-config data into the
underlying database, the slapd.conf is no longer used.  So the only way to
have the new schema files parsed in is remove the underlying (back-ldif)
database and start from scratch, but I'm afraid this would not preserve
changes occured via protocol.  Or am I missing something?

> I suppose we should be prepared to start distributing LDIF schema files.
> But regardless, I see this as an offline / manual update process; you
> can just edit the back-ldif files directly or replace them with new
> copies.

This is an option; I considered that, although it might be error prone as
the underlying database should be mainly accessed via API and not manually
(and it could eventually become a back-bdb, and I envisage sci-fi
scenarios where back-config is using back-ldap for remote storage of the

> There may be a problem if you had replication set up between two
> servers' config backends, and didn't update the executables for both
> servers at the same time. We're really not in position to address that
> just yet.

I concur.


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