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Schema update using back-config

I'm not sure I completely understood the discussion about how schema files
are handled by back-config; in detail, I'll present a scenario that might
arise, to work out how back-config should handle it.

Schema files are supposed to change very rarely, most of the times when
new items are added, seldom when something is modified (e.g. when a flaw
in some standard track, or as a consequence of some ietf clarification,
details of an existing schema change), while in principle no deletion
should ever occur.

However, historically we have seen items deleted from core.schema when
they move to schema_prep.c; this occurred frequently some time ago, and
might occur again, so my question is: how willback-config behave in these
cases when a directory is provided?  Should the change in the schema file
be applied via protocol?


Pierangelo Masarati

Pierangelo Masarati

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