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Re: unbind - abandon in the backend ..... what's the difference ?

reinhard.e.voglmaier@gsk.com wrote:

As everybody may know I'm the guy playin' around with the Perl Backend.
Looking at the single operations implemented in the backend I monitored a little bit the bind - unbind activity.

Well I got a big surprise, the "unbind" operation is nearly always combined with an "abandon" operation. I am speaking of the backend of course.
So what I am wondered about is that using the same code in the client, in the OpenLDAP backend arrives sometime "unbind+abandon" and sometime "unbind" only. Why ?

thx a lot

I think it depends on the timing between when the client sends its Unbind request and when the server processes it, relative to when the socket closes. Generally a client sends Unbind and then immediately closes its side of the connection. Frequently the server sees the connection close before it has processed the Unbind request, which triggers an Abandon step.

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