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Re: Glueing to back-dnssrv in 2.2

Luke Howard wrote:

I think the backport to 2.2, although not trivial, should be simple, because all you need to do is resolve the appropriate backend and call chk_referrals, if any. If there's no consensus about officially backporting that feature, you'll have to live with a custom patch.

There you go: <http://www.sys-net.it/~ando/Download/pierangelo.masarati-dnssrv+glue-re22.2005-01-28.patch>

Thanks for the patch! Some comments:

- It appears to work for searches with an empty base DN, but fails
  with noSuchObject if a base DN of a physical naming context is used.

This doesn't happen to me; I ran test003, then after the regular database definition I added:


database dnssrv
suffix ""

searches for -b "" -s subtree return the contents of the local database; the same occurs for -b "o=University of Michingan,c=US" -s sub;
searches for -b "dc=openldap,dc=org" (for instance) return the referral to ldap.openldap.org

- Also, we would like some way to avoid databases glued to a database with
with the empty suffix from being removed from namingContexts in the root

In HEAD this is currently fixed: when adding the glue-sb directives, append a "advertize" flag to the naming contexts you want to appear in the rootDSE. I guess an analogous fix can be applied to 2.2 by adding an optional "advertize" flag to the "subordinate" statement that ORs a SLAP_DBFLAG_GLUE_ADVERTIZE to the backend structure.


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