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Re: Glueing to back-dnssrv in 2.2

Luke Howard wrote:

(Note: this may not apply to 2.3, however we're not ready to use 2.3 yet
because we need to ship "stable" code.)

I'd like to glue N backends to back-dnssrv, such that the following will

(a) searches within physical naming contexts
(b) sub/one searches at root DSE (search all physical naming contexts)
(c) searches outside physical naming contexts (return DNS SRV referrals)

with all physical naming contexts being listed as values of namingContexts
in the root DSE.

(By "physical naming context" I mean one which is instantiated by slapd as
a real database backend.)

Now all work in HEAD; your fix to referral handling does not work any more because now GLUE_INSTANCE macros are not used any longer (there's some cruft left in slapcommon.c). We need some means to determine that a database is holding the glue overlay (at worst, add a config line to back-dnssrv that instructs it it's acting as glue; or, have the glue overlay mark as glue the database that's hosting it. I think the backport to 2.2, although not trivial, should be simple, because all you need to do is resolve the appropriate backend and call chk_referrals, if any. If there's no consensus about officially backporting that feature, you'll have to live with a custom patch.


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