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Re: Success Story: Perl Backend

Yes, that was what I am looking for. It's outdated, ok. But better than nothing.
Two questions:
in the Umich Documentation is written that all backend calls contain as first three parameters: Backend, Connection, Operation. I have seen that the OpenLDAP versions contain only the Operation  as parameter. Where do the Connection and Backend come from ?
I have seen that the foo_back_initialize() routine in the init,c file get the BackendInfo as parameter and initialises the single calls with the corresponding perl backend routines, but the search, add, delete, ...   do not.

Just that I am working on the subject, what about reviving the "Writing a slapd backend chapter" ?


"Pierangelo Masarati" <ando@sys-net.it>

12/01/2005 15:20

Re: Success Story: Perl Backend

reinhard.e.voglmaier@gsk.com wrote:

> In order to understand better the Perl backend I'm beginning to delve
> more into the details of OpenLDAP backends.
> I've read an interesting thread on the Devel List Archive. The
> statement was that there's out a slapd documentation on how to write a
> backend.

Can you lookup the message?  The only doc I remember about backend
writing was in the UMich ldap Admin Guide, and it's a bit outdated now :)


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