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Re: Perl Backend - Wish List

reinhard.e.voglmaier@gsk.com wrote:

Since a while I am playing around with the Perl Backend. I digged deeper into the Perl C API and into the OpenLDAP API as well.
So I got ready to begin work on the Perl API.

A few comments: I'm not familiar with PERL programming and with the C API, but I guess it's possible to efficiently build and pass something analogous to the C structures that are currently used for the backend data, for the operation data and so on.

This to ask you which features you would put into this backend ?
I thought to make available to the backend information about:

1) Obviously the backend itself, i.e. all configuration parameters read in from the configuration file
2) Information about the Client
3) Information about the Connection

... at least the bindDN; the peername, the sockname, the sockurl, the ssf and its specializations (transport, tls, sasl) may be of help.

4) Information about the LDAP request

I guess (4) is already all passed accordingly...

I'd also work on providing some PERL hooks to frontend calls that may be useful inside the PERL code, I'm thinking about schema checking,filter testing, access control, DN and other syntax normalization/prettification and so on. I'd also allow the PERL scritps to see both the normalized and the pretty form of DNs related to the request, so that they can surely skip normalization and avoid ambiguities, but they can also access pretty forms for logging or for data archiving purposes.


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