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Re: what if we move SLAPI to a (global) overlay?

>Sure.  At present, I'm simply in the stage of checking whether this can 
>be done or not.  As I already pointed out, I had to anticipate part of 
>the consistency checks that are run on writes in slap_mods_check() to 
>provide mods data in a safe state to global overlays.  This causes 
>current SLAPI code to be called __after__ the checks, while it use dto 
>be called __before__.  I suggest you check that this doesn't break 
>existing slapi modules.  I think this is necessary, otherwise we will 
>need to specialize overlays to be used as global rather than database 

Changing the order would actually fix a long-standing issue in one
plugin, but unfortunately it will break plugins that set default values
for mandatory attributes (and we have several such plugins).

(See the addrdnvalues plugin for an example.)

This behaviour is critical to our application. Is there a way around

-- Luke