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Re: what if we move SLAPI to a (global) overlay?

> Yes, I think it's a good idea, just don't have the time to move it.

I might be able to work on this and similar stuff (in xmas vacations?). 
I'd consider that and similar stuff as overlays in the sense that they can
be stacked in the operation sequence only if required; what I'm thinking
about is a sort of a "hide" flag for special overlays that are really just
modules of the frontend/backends and that do not require to be loaded. 
replication could be another example, in this case of a backend overlay. 
They wouldn't be explicitly loadable via slapd.conf, but rather by somehow
requiring the related feature.  Replication would be triggered by the
"updatedn" directive; SLAPI by the "plugin" directive, and so.  The
"advantages" would essentially be cleaner code, and, in both cases, a much
cleaner separation of frontend and backend stuff,  resolving many of the
isues I'm currently facing with global overlays getting data only in a
partially consistent state.


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