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HEADS-UP: back-ldap and rewrite

I've removed DN-rewrite and attribute mapping from back-ldap, and moved it to the rwm overlay. I've modified the related tests accordingly, and added test032-proxymassage that specifically tests all the proxy operations thru rewriting; I still need to add attribute mapping to the test, and some fancier rewriting, but basically the test is there, and the key functionalities are preserved. The only warning is that now, to enable rewriting, one must define "overlay rwm" before any of the rewrite configure lines. All the rwm directives have the same names as in the old back-ldap (actually, their name should be prefixed by "rwm-", but the old name is recognized as well, for backward compatibility; of course the new name is recommended to avoid potential conflicts in the future). I'm wondering if, to make the transition fully transparent, back-ldap should still recognize the old directives and automatically instantiate the rwm overlay. Now it doesn't. There's still some documentation to update.


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