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In test_mra_filter, when the requested mrule differs from that of the attribute, the a_vals are used instead of the a_nvals, of course:

/* If ma_rule is not the same as the attribute's
* normal rule, then we can't use the a_nvals.
if (mra->ma_rule == a->a_desc->ad_type->sat_equality) {
bv = a->a_nvals;
} else {
bv = a->a_vals;

but then, I'd expect both the value and the assertion be normalized according to the requested mrule, while this doesn't happen.

A working example: I'm trying to filter the monitor database entries based on the "namingContexts" attribute. This attribute has no equality rule, but its value is distinguishedName, so I'd expect "(namingContexts:distinguishedNameMatch:=<naming context>)" to work, but inspecting the subsequent call of "dnMatch" with gdb shows that the __NORMALIZED__ asserted value is compared with the __AS_IS__ value

dnMatch (matchp=0x412e36e8, flags=0, syntax=0x837baa0, mr=0x837e490,
   value=0x83d6cc8, assertedValue=0x412e5378) at dn.c:941
941             struct berval *asserted = (struct berval *) assertedValue;
(gdb) p value[0]
$9 = {bv_len = 14, bv_val = 0x83d5e10 "o=Example,c=US"}
(gdb) p asserted[0]
$10 = {bv_len = 14, bv_val = 0x412e534c "o=example,c=us"}

which obviously fails.



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