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Re: ITS #3383, #3356

>I'm currently running OpenLDAP 2.2.18 plus the patches related to ITSs 3383 
>& 3356 and the patch to back-bdb's ctxcsn.c to plug a memory leak.  I put 
>this in place because of the general issue I've been having with slapd 
>periodically consuming all resources on some of my systems.  The leak in 
>the cache code definitely exists in the current stable & 2.2.18 release, 
>but is hard to consistently trigger (which explains to me why it only 
>happens to some of my systems some times).  The patched version I'm running 
>is doing very well on my 9 replicas, and the overall memory footprint of 
>slapd is much smaller (we run top ever hour every day and store that off, 
>so I have a good comparison mark).

That's good to know -- on one of my test machines (admitedly Linux S/390
running under emulation!) the OS has been routinely killing slapd as it
exhausted all virtual memory.

>My thought is that the next release of OpenLDAP RE22 should most likely 
>have these patches included in it.

Gets my vote.

Also support for register_certificate_map_function() would be good.

-- Luke