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ITS #3383, #3356

Just to note --

I'm currently running OpenLDAP 2.2.18 plus the patches related to ITSs 3383 & 3356 and the patch to back-bdb's ctxcsn.c to plug a memory leak. I put this in place because of the general issue I've been having with slapd periodically consuming all resources on some of my systems. The leak in the cache code definitely exists in the current stable & 2.2.18 release, but is hard to consistently trigger (which explains to me why it only happens to some of my systems some times). The patched version I'm running is doing very well on my 9 replicas, and the overall memory footprint of slapd is much smaller (we run top ever hour every day and store that off, so I have a good comparison mark).

My thought is that the next release of OpenLDAP RE22 should most likely have these patches included in it.


Quanah Gibson-Mount
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