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Re: leaks

--On Thursday, September 02, 2004 12:06 PM -0700 Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@stanford.edu> wrote:

Unfortunately, this patch has not solved the issue.  However, on servers
that haven't suddenly consumed all available memory, they are running
with about 200MB more free memory than before. ;)

Not using SSL frees up another good chunk of memory (there are some interesting leaks in OpenSSL). However, I continue to see slapd's consumation of available resources. On Monday, it affected 3 servers. So far today, it has affected one server. I don't see anything glaring in the profiling data I've gathered. More troubling is that slapd has been locking up a bit (ITS #3321), and that has rather annoying side affects (ITS #3322).

The patch I applied to 2.2.15 is:


In looking at it, I have a question on one bit:

op.o_req_dn.bv_val is freed by ch_free in the first & third group of changes, but is freed by sl_free in the second and fourth group of changes. Is that correct?

From the patch (1st & 3rd group):

if( !BER_BVISNULL( &op.o_req_dn ) ) ch_free( op.o_req_dn.bv_val );

From the patch (2nd & 4th group):

if( !BER_BVISNULL( &op.o_req_dn ) ) sl_free( op.o_req_dn.bv_val, opx->o_tmpmemctx );


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