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Re: commit: ldap/tests/progs slapd-addel.c slapd-modify.c

I'm seeing strange problems when the system is unreasonably overloaded,
but it seems to be difficult to trck down the source of these problems
(could well be exaustion of system resources, as what shows up
dramatically changes from machine to machine).  To this extent, I'm
designing an (optional!) torture test, that couples test007 (replication)
with test008 (concurrency) with a (relatively) large database and a lot of
operations.  I'd make it a contrib, since I don't think one might want to
run a days long test any time.

Suggestions as where to put the test and the related data (a few scripts
that autogenerate the bulk data) are welcome.


> Log Message:
> need a lot of space for stress tests; need to bind for searches to avoid
> size limits and so; log failure reason

Pierangelo Masarati

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