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Re: commit: ldap/clients/tools ldapsearch.c

At 04:27 AM 6/22/2004, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>Would it be hard to set the limit to the minimum of the client-specified
>and the hard limit, and return sizeLimitExceeded or adminLimitExceeded
>depending on which limit is active? 

I rather we not do this.  size/timeLimitExceeded is more specific than
adminLimitExceeded.  It tells the client that a size/time limit was
exceeded, than some other limit.

I don't see it necessary for the client to be able care much
about wether the size/time limit exceeded was its or the
administrative limit (though in case of size limit it can
simply be looking at the number of entries returned).  And
given the LDAPBIS specification language, returning
size/timeLimitExceeded is the generally expected behavior.

We should, however, continue to use adminLimitExceeded for other
limits (such as the unchecked limit).