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Re: commit: ldap/clients/tools ldapsearch.c

> Log Message:
> Fix a limit typo
> Use 0 not maxint when 'none' is selected.


this was intended as a means to provide a helper to hit the hard instead
of the soft limits.  See ITS#3136 for a background.  In fact, if one sets
size.soft=100 size,hard=unlimited, then, to hit the unlimited case one
needs to require a size limit.  There is no notion of unlimited size in
the client library, nor in the protocol, so my idea was to use the max
integer allowed by the protocol, and add a shortcut string in ldapsearch
-z, -l to hit this value.  Maybe a different keyword would be better, e.g.
"unlimited".  Otherwise one has to manually specify the largest value atoi
(now strtol) can accept.


Pierangelo Masarati

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