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Re : Re: LDAP tree on HDD

> The short answer (for back-bdb) is that entries are held a
> BTREE bdb, the DN index is held in a BTREE bdb, and indices
> for an attribute are held in a BTREE bdb.  All bdb of slapd
> "database" are contained within one DB_ENV.
So three different trees in one enviroment?
I found on Berkeley, that BTREE is implemented like AVL tree (i know,
what is it, what is L-rotation, R-rotation)...AVL tree is structure,
that is strictly sorted (left son, right son,balancing...) i know, how
to make a BTREE from any Tree ...
Why, when i send to server request SEARCH (entire tree, every
entries), in answer brothers (one level sons of one entry) are not
sorted by the name?
can i tell to the server, that I want result to be sorted (e.g. by the
DN )??? 
> For more information about BDB BTREEs, see the Sleeycat
> BDB documentation <http://www.sleepycat.com/docs/ref/toc.html>.
> Kurt 

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