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Re : Re: LDAP tree on HDD

At 11:12 PM 6/14/2004, Palo Hazo wrote:
>> The short answer (for back-bdb) is that entries are held a
>> BTREE bdb, the DN index is held in a BTREE bdb, and indices
>> for an attribute are held in a BTREE bdb.  All bdb of slapd
>> "database" are contained within one DB_ENV.
>So three different trees in one enviroment?

Actually, its 2+N (one bdb per indexed attribute).

>Why, when i send to server request SEARCH (entire tree, every
>entries), in answer brothers (one level sons of one entry) are not
>sorted by the name?

Because DNs are not used as keys to the entry bdb mentioned above,
a numeric ID is.  Entries are returned in ID order.

>can i tell to the server, that I want result to be sorted (e.g. by the
>DN )??? 

One could design a backend that provided entries in a
different order.  But since LDAP specifications allow
servers to return in any order, there is little reason
to so (unless one implementing some sort of extension
to LDAP that provided entries in some specific order).