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Re: Question about syncrepl

Dear Jong,

Thanks very much for this reply. I am consider seriously using syncrepl as a replacement for slurpd, because
of its many attractive features. If needed, I would also like to do some development to meet our specific needs, for example,
to add the a persistent session log, so that a night shutdown scheme could be used.

To do this, I need a thorough understanding of its operation.

Since the online document is not complete enough to answer all my questions, I would like to explore the code

Along my way digging the code, it would be very helpful, if kind answers to my questions could be solicited form this list, like
the one you have just given.

I believe a trace of Question&Answers like this in the software list archive may be help to other people as well.

Are you willing to give me a hand?


> Thanks Ando.
> To supplement Ando's summary, the 2.2 admin guide has a new chapter
> on the Syncrepl replication engine (Chapter 14) and a new section
> in chapter 5 describing the configuration options.
> The protocol details can be referred to an Internet Draft entitled
> "LDAP Content Synchronization Operation" (<draft-zeilenga-ldup-sync-04>).
> The decision between the two modes is implemented in back-bdb/search.c
> The present mode is intended to be used when it is not possible to
> perform the delete mode synchronization due to short history information
> or when it is not secure to reveal the identity of the deleted entries to the clients.
> The current OpenLDAP implementation resorts to the present mode
> when the session log store does not cover the synchronization state of the client.
> BTW, can I ask more on your development / application ?
> - Jong