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Re: Question about syncrepl

Thanks Ando.
To supplement Ando's summary, the 2.2 admin guide has a new chapter
on the Syncrepl replication engine (Chapter 14) and a new section
in chapter 5 describing the configuration options.

The protocol details can be referred to an Internet Draft entitled
"LDAP Content Synchronization Operation" (<draft-zeilenga-ldup-sync-04>).

The decision between the two modes is implemented in back-bdb/search.c
The present mode is intended to be used when it is not possible to 
perform the delete mode synchronization due to short history information
or when it is not secure to reveal the identity of the deleted entries to the clients.
The current OpenLDAP implementation resorts to the present mode
when the session log store does not cover the synchronization state of the client.

BTW, can I ask more on your development / application ?

- Jong

> > Dear OpenLDAP developers,
> >
> > I am now trying to understand the synrepl protocol. Could you tell me in
> > which .c files are the algorithm used to determine whether the present
> > or delete mode is to be used?
> I think this question pertains to the -software list, if you
> are aiming at developing a client that exploits these features;
> this list would be appropriate if you intend to discuss the
> devlopment of syncrepl into slapd.
> To learn about the protocol, I suggest you take a look at some
> docs, before digging into the code.  You may find something at
> http://www.openldap.org/conf/
> http://www.openldap.org/pub/
> I personally witnessed very interesting presentations on the
> subject at the Vienna meeting.
> The code is essentially in servers/slapd/syncrepl.c (original
> naming fro the location, isn't it? :), and, of course,
> servers/slapd/{slap,proto-slapd}.h for type/func declaration.
> p.