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Re: Question about syncrepl

> Dear OpenLDAP developers,
> I am now trying to understand the synrepl protocol. Could you tell me in
> which .c files are the algorithm used to determine whether the present
> or delete mode is to be used?

I think this question pertains to the -software list, if you
are aiming at developing a client that exploits these features;
this list would be appropriate if you intend to discuss the
devlopment of syncrepl into slapd.

To learn about the protocol, I suggest you take a look at some
docs, before digging into the code.  You may find something at


I personally witnessed very interesting presentations on the
subject at the Vienna meeting.

The code is essentially in servers/slapd/syncrepl.c (original
naming fro the location, isn't it? :), and, of course,
servers/slapd/{slap,proto-slapd}.h for type/func declaration.


Pierangelo Masarati