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Re: Question about syncrepl

> Dear Jong,
> Thanks very much for this reply. I am consider seriously using syncrepl as a replacement
for slurpd, because
> of its many attractive features. If needed, I would also like to do some development to
meet our specific needs, for example,
> to add the a persistent session log, so that a night shutdown scheme could be used.

Yes, the session log is a recent addition to syncrepl and is currently memory based.
A persistent session log implementation would be helpful for many use cases.

> To do this, I need a thorough understanding of its operation.
> Since the online document is not complete enough to answer all my questions, I would
like to explore the code
> myself.
> Along my way digging the code, it would be very helpful, if kind answers to my questions
could be solicited form this list, like
> the one you have just given.
> I believe a trace of Question&Answers like this in the software list archive may be help
to other people as well.
> Are you willing to give me a hand?
> Xingyuan

more than welcome ...