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Re: String conversions UTF8 <-> ISO-8859-1

Michael Ströder writes:
>> E.g. it wouldn't hurt
>> to convert OctetString, since OctetString can't contain non-ASCII
>> characters.
> ???

Sorry, somehow I read OctetString as NumericString:-(

>> I suggest ldap.conf could contain lines with
>>    attr-charset <charset> [<attribute-name> <attribute-name>...]
>>    client-charset <charset>
>> <charset> would normally be "unknown" alias "binary" or "UTF-8".  The
>> default attr-charset would be unknown, but an "attr-charset UTF-8" line
>> without any attributes would set the default attr-charset to UTF-8.
> Sounds like redefining the syntaxes at the client's side.

Yes and no.  Clients usually don't have much concept of 'syntax', except
maybe changing '$' to newline in addresses.  They just treat the
attribute values as strings.  So this only changes the character

> I had a similar thing in web2ldap's configuration to define which
> attributes are known to be "binary" before making it aware of sub
> schema.  These kind of work-arounds looks promising at a first glance
> but are a horrible mess in the long run...still throwing away messy
> code which handles this. :-(

What's the problem?  I did something similar once too on the server
side.  Worked for me.