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Re: String conversions UTF8 <-> ISO-8859-1

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
Michael Ströder writes:

And wouldn't it be necessary to have schema knowledge to determine
whether the conversion is applicable at all? E.g. if syntax is
OctetString the charset conversion might not be the right thing.

In most cases I think it would be enough for the client to know
which syntaxes should _not_ be converted, though.

Hmm...see below...

E.g. it wouldn't hurt
to convert OctetString, since OctetString can't contain non-ASCII


I suggest ldap.conf could contain lines with

   attr-charset <charset> [<attribute-name> <attribute-name>...]
   client-charset <charset>

<charset> would normally be "unknown" alias "binary" or "UTF-8".  The
default attr-charset would be unknown, but an "attr-charset UTF-8" line
without any attributes would set the default attr-charset to UTF-8.

Sounds like redefining the syntaxes at the client's side.

I had a similar thing in web2ldap's configuration to define which attributes are known to be "binary" before making it aware of sub schema. These kind of work-arounds looks promising at a first glance but are a horrible mess in the long run...still throwing away messy code which handles this. :-(

Ciao, Michael.