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patch to back-perl

Hi all, I have added some functionality to back-perl, and I thought its about time I sent you the patch. It does two things

- Passes the numeric connection id along to all operational methods (bind, search, etc) of the perl backend. This makes back-perl much more useful because it can maintian connection state, and deal with authenticated connections. The connection id now comes as the first argument after the object reference in all the operational methods.

- Changes the way searches are dealt with so they can be done asyncronisly.
the current api for searches is
search ($self, $connid, $base, $scope, $alias_pol, $s_limit, $t_limit, $filter, $attronly, @attrs)
where this method returnes an array of entries found along with the return code

the one I propose is
search ($self, $connid, $base, $scope, $alias_pol, $s_limit, $t_limit, $filter, $attronly, @attrs)
where this returnes nothing

where this returnes 1 if there are no more entries and 0 if there are

This returnes the next entry (only one)

This is called only after search_done returns 1, it returns the return code.

the basic calling structure is (note this is not the actual code, its JUST a model)

while(! obj->search_done) {

Note: this obviously changes the API for searches in a big way (and everything else in a small way), that's one of the reasons I've been sitting on it for many months not saying anything :-)

The performance gain from doing it this way is quite large for big searches. I implimented this because I'm using a perl back-end for an ldap proxying solution (which unfortunatly has to do more than back-meta can do), and we needed to be able to throw large searches at it. Anyway, if you like it, good, if you hate it, flame :-P

Eric Stokes

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