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RE: new matching rules

You can add matching rules by calling register_matching_rule. See mr.c and
slap.h for the relevant definitions. However, you should not change existing
attribute definitions. There is no mechanism for you to dynamically change
any of the built in schema anyway, so don't try. To add a new rule, just
build with dynamic modules enabled, and put your new rule into a module.

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> Hello there,
> I need to be able to compare text attributes without accents.
> I want to normalize the strings with the functions from the
> unac library (which strips accents in an UTF-8 string).
> I'd like to extend the schema (spec. inetOrgPerson) so that
> sn, givenName, cn use this new matching rule.
> My question is, do I have to patch the OpenLDAP source in
> order to implement a new matching rule? If not, where can I
> find relevant information on this subject?
> TIA,  Jiri