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Re: new matching rules

Kurt D. Zeilenga writes:
> At 01:02 AM 3/26/2003, Jiri Barton wrote:
>> My question is, do I have to patch the OpenLDAP source in order to
>> implement a new matching rule?
> In short, each new rule requires code to implement that rule.
> One can either integrate the code directly (patch schema_init.c)
> or use a plugin interface (I know the native plugin interface
> support matching rule modules, SLAPI might as well.)

For ASCIIfied accented attributes, an alternative which I intend to use
is for e.g. the attribute 'sn=Ås' to also store 'sn;x-hidden=As' and
'sn;x-hidden=AAs', so searches for either variant will find the entry.
slapd.conf will define the x-hidden attribute option with

  # Subtypes of "name" (e.g. "cn" and "ou") with the
  # option ";x-hidden" can be searched for/compared,
  # but are not shown.  See slapd.access(5).
  attributeoptions x-hidden lang-
  access to attr=name;x-hidden by * search

This feature is a recent addition.