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Re: ldap clients -> SASL -> GSSAPI (kerberos?) -> Active Directory

No, and looking at it i am not sure how is this meant to help me?
Do you suggest trying to build kerberos under this environment?
I need kerberos to build specifically for windows (apparently there
are differences between M$ kerberos and MIT one) and MIT
kerberos has specific support for windows apis. In fact that is
exactly where my kerberos build fails.

Any other takers?:)
Guido Serassio wrote:


Il 00.33 08/01/2003 Ugen ha scritto:

To make a long story short, is anyone successfully using
openldap tools (ldapsearch) compiled on Win32 against
Active Directory? Anonymous mode doesn't seem to be a
problem. However GSSAPI authentication which is AFAIK
kerberos, requires kerberos libraries. I was unable to compile
MIT kerberos on Win32.

Any ideas before i go hacking away?

Do You have tried with MinGW + MSYS environment ?




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