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Re: Empty Strings in LDAP String Attributes

At 01:45 AM 2002-11-26, Ganesan R wrote:
>Is it legal to have an empty string for IA5 String and Directory String

yes, no.

That is, IA5 string, printable string, universal string can all be
empty (at least in the general case) but directory string must always
be non-empty.  See X.680 and X.520.

>However, according to schema_init.c, UTF8StringValidate() as well as
>IA5StringValidate() immediately return LDAP_INVALID_SYNTAX if the length of
>the string is zero.

OpenLDAP treat all strings as directory strings as most IA5
strings have other constraints which require them to be
non-empty... for example, an empty domain component (DC)
is nonsense.