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Re: SLAPI (Fwd of: SLAPI (ITS#2073))

> You're welcome.
> Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 will also publish an updated version of the
>  SLAPI Reference Guide and Programers guide... with I think much more
> updates and accuracy (we have 3 writers dedicated to our doc where as
> Netscape/AOL people are now only engineers and there are very few of
> them left on DS).
> I don't know what should be considered as the "standard version" for the
>  SLAPI ?
> The API of Netscape Directory Server 4.x (being EOLed)
> or the API of Sun ONE Directory Server 5.1 and Netscape Directory Server
>  6.0  which should be exactly the same except that Sun never released an
>  updated documentation.
> Or the API of the Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 which may defer from the
> previous one by its documentation and few minor changes (mainly new
> calls, few deprecations).

I think this is what I meant when I double-quoted "official".
For now, I'd like to see the idea working in OpenLDAP HEAD code;
then we'll have plenty of time to clean up the implementation
and align it with what should be considered the most significant

Thanks for the references.

Pierangelo Masarati