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Re: TODO : Implement localization

At 05:35 AM 2002-02-19, Volkov Serge wrote:
>I read gettext tutorial attentive and ask different people from our translation teams 
>And they say that catgets has problem with diffrents locales for example for RUSSIAN
>ru_RU.CP1251, ru_RU.UTF-8, ru_RU.KOI8-R

While I'm not aware of any locale specific problems with catgets(3),
my knowledge in this area is VERY limited, hence I will refrain
from comment here.

But I believe my statement that catgets(3) is more widely
available than gettext(3) is true.

>Next problem is when try to ganerate directory with russian and  LC_CTYPE=POSIX the gencat notwork
>We must all time correct the Makefile for LC_CTYPE= On my mind it's not good for portability.

I refrain again.

>And now gettext lib redistribuite under LGPL lisens

In *briefly* looking that (development) version, it
appears that only certain portions are under LGPL and,
most importantly, it appears that under circumstances
that -lintl library (which slapd would be linked with)
would contain GPL code.  Anyways, the issue would have
to be carefully examined and that takes time (which
I don't have at the moment).

>It's conflict with OpenLDAP Lisens or not ???

The issue in not GPL v OPL (as the OPL and GPL are compatible),
but whether all the terms of all the licenses which are
applicable to the executable can be met.  If any component
which is subject to the GPL will likely clash with at least
one other component of the executable.