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Re: LDAP Dev Questions ...

This post is OFF TOPIC here.  This list is reserved for
discussions regarding the development of OpenLDAP Software.
Discussions regarding the use of OpenLDAP Software, including
SDKs, should be directed to the openldap-software mailing list.

The answers to most of your questions can be found in the
FAQ and/or the archives of the openldap-software mailing list.

Thansk, Kurt

At 12:13 PM 2002-01-30, Matthew Grooms wrote:
>Hello All,
>     I work for a group of Hospitals in Austin TX and I have been asked to write web based generic information tracking system. I talked them into using openldap as the backend and was hoping I might be able to get a few questions answered before I dive in. I do have some experience with the openldap sdk but I am a bit confused about what I can expect from slapd and what I need to handle in buisness logic. Here goes ...
>1) Does slapd and ldapsdk allow a client to query/modify the schema? 
>2) Is there some sort of self-hosting schema ( instead of using the schema files in the schema directory ) or seperate package that allows openldap to self host a subschema? This would make my job a whole lot easier ;)
>3) Is there a way to limit an attribute that will reference an objects dn to only a specific class type? ( attribute x can only point to a object's dn if object x has an objectClass = y attribute ) If so, how do you set these constraints?
>Umm, I think thats it for now. Thanks in advance.