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LDAP Dev Questions ...

Hello All,

     I work for a group of Hospitals in Austin TX and I have been asked to write web based generic information tracking system. I talked them into using openldap as the backend and was hoping I might be able to get a few questions answered before I dive in. I do have some experience with the openldap sdk but I am a bit confused about what I can expect from slapd and what I need to handle in buisness logic. Here goes ...

1) Does slapd and ldapsdk allow a client to query/modify the schema? 

2) Is there some sort of self-hosting schema ( instead of using the schema files in the schema directory ) or seperate package that allows openldap to self host a subschema? This would make my job a whole lot easier ;)

3) Is there a way to limit an attribute that will reference an objects dn to only a specific class type? ( attribute x can only point to a object's dn if object x has an objectClass = y attribute ) If so, how do you set these constraints?

Umm, I think thats it for now. Thanks in advance.